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Judy Hurley HeadshotJudy Hurley
Barely Blushed LLC in Durham, N.H.

How exciting it was to participate in my first image competition and attend a portion of this year’s conference. I am incredibly grateful for the recognition and encouragement I received from so many individuals. The talent in this organization is awe-inspiring, and I look forward to getting to know more of you and participating in future NHPPA/PPA events.

What I love about this ‘hobby’ is that the learning never ends.  There will always be new techniques to try, new technology to experience and developing styles.  I purchased my first entry level DLSR while preparing to retire from a lengthy career in peri-operative nursing in 2014 and joined a ‘Photo-a Day’ group on Facebook as a personal challenge. I was honestly in over my head, overwhelmed by the equipment, camera settings, software choices and language. I spent the next couple of years searching the internet for help, running searches on everything from ISO, aperture, exposure triangle and bokeh to lenses and editing software. Talk about a steep learning curve! I watched dozens of tutorials and studied for hours on end after retiring. By late 2016 my images started to take shape and I mustered up the courage to join PPA/NHPPA at the encouragement of my brother-in-law, Tom Royer, and Carin D’Abrosca who had sold me a photo prop through a Facebook yard sale group. After attending a meeting or two, life got in the way (as well as my insecurities) and my membership lapsed.

With a little more experience under my belt and a clearer vision as to where I wanted to take my photography, I rejoined NHPPA last fall. My style is evolving, but I recently made a decision to shoot every session with intention –  whether it be for clients or with models – and to focus on branding my business, Barely Blushed, LLC. Rejoining NHPPA with a plan to enter image competitions for feedback was among my many goals for 2018-19.

My first love is to create timeless fine art portraits of children (typically ages 5-10). Capturing that authentic expression and deep connection which draws the viewer in is truly what motivates me. Editing is very time intensive, so I accept a limited number of clients so I can devote my energy to personal projects. I began offering studio sessions a year ago and appreciate the control and predictability that indoor sessions offer. I recently set up a small studio in my home. While the space is not ideal (low ceilings and tight quarters), it is convenient and cost effective. The year is young and I cannot wait to carry out my vision with the help of NHPPA.

Thank you all for welcoming me into this amazing group. I cannot wait to see more of your incredible art!

Judy's 2019 image competition entries

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