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A Message From the NHPPA President

Welcome to my very first President’s message and thank you all for your support. I would like to thank Madonna Lovett Repeta for her hard work as outgoing President, and I will work hard to continue guiding the board and the association over the next year. I would also like to thank everyone who attended the Annual NHPPA Conference last month. We had some great speakers, plenty of positive feedback, and of course, lots of fun. As for Image Competition, we had over 240 submissions, and the level of quality and creativity never disappoints. New Hampshire now has the best video monitor equipment in New England for image competition which will result in even more submissions going forward. We are already starting to plan the 2019 Conference and we always welcome suggestions to make it even better.

During my term as President, I would like to continue and enhance our efforts to grow the association. This is an effort that all members can be a part of, by bringing photographer friends to a meeting, sharing our Facebook public page, or any other means that might increase awareness of the NHPPA. As we all know, there are increasing methods of photography education available to professional and amateur photographers, but we also know that there is no comparison to a personal, hands on education, whatever the field of expertise may be. The NHPPA has always and will continue to offer several of these hands on educational workshops from exceptional photographers around New England and the country, and the comparative cost is a fraction of the many alternatives.

As we approach the last Monthly Meeting before summer, please don’t miss, “The Art of Whimsical Decay” with Karen Jerzyk. This will be the last chance to visit with friends and network until we start up again in September, and we will be drawing the much-anticipated scholarship winners, so I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Once again, thank you to the board and all the current members of the NHPPA, and I am very excited about the next year, let’s make it a great one!


Jim Carlen, M.Photog., CPP, A.C.Ph.

New Hampshire Professional Photographers Association
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