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New Hampshire Professional Photographers Association

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Presidents Message 

I am honored to be serving as your New Hampshire Professional Photographers Association 2017-2018 President. I have very
big shoes to fill looking at list of all the wonderful NHPPA Presidents who have served before me. I promise to do my absolute best for both NHPPA and its' membership. I believe that the heart of NHPPA is our members. NHPPA has been offering its members the opportunity top share friendship, experiences and knowledge all based on mutual love of photography for over 63 years.

We have a fantastic Board dedicated to keeping NHPPA the great Association it is by continuing to offer wonderful Programs, Conference, Workshops, etc. to our members as well as to keep growing our membership even more. The purpose of the New Hampshire Professional Photographers

Association is to continue to raise the standard of professionalism through group and individual activities that offer the exchange of knowledge based on every aspect of photography. NHPPA is a non-profit association for professional and experienced photographers who love photography as an art, a science and or a full-time business.

NHPPA member benefits include:

* Nine monthly meetings (with dinner optional) and a program presented by professional

photographers from all over the United States

* All day Fall seminar featuring a renowned speaker

* Annual Conference which includes:

* Numerous Programs Presented Throughout the Conference Offered by Renowned Speakers from the US and Abroad

* Trade Show

* Print Competition

* Awards Banquet

* Nightly Hospitality Room Each Night After Programs End

* Unlimited Friendships and Fun

 In addition, we offer numerous full day Workshops and Programs throughout the year. These are all

optional and may be attended for a nominal fee.

It is my opinion that hands-down, we are one of the best Professional Photography Associations in

the United States! 

Madonna Lovett Repeta

President, NHPPA

Email: mailto:M_Studio@comcast.net

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