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A Message From the NHPPA President

I’m always excited for a new year and this year is extra exciting because it’s a new decade! There’s nothing like a brand new year to get us thinking about the past 365 days and reconciling in our minds all that we did, what we could have done better, and what we plan to do in the 366 days of 2020. It is a leap year, so we have an entire extra day to do amazing things!

I hope you and your loved ones enjoyed a wonderful holiday season. It was a great year filled with quality programs, many achievements, and new friendships formed, but there was also sorrow for some that had to say goodbye to loved ones and learn how to go on without them. Our hearts go out to our NHPPA family members that have suffered a loss, be it a person or a beloved pet. Please take a moment as your read this to send positive thoughts their way.

As I reflect back, I am so thankful that I decided to join the NHPPA in 2014; it was my best decision that year. Getting involved was the next best decision. Seeing how things worked behind the scenes was so interesting, and when I got a voting position on the Board of Directors as a Director, I was grateful for the chance to play a part in shaping the association and made some very good friends along the way.

As we head into 2020, we do so with some open positions on the board. It is my hope that these positions will be filled at the Annual Business Meeting on Tuesday, January 7, but if not, I invite you to consider getting involved yourself this year, if for nothing else than to give back to an organization that has more than likely helped you grow and succeed as an artist.

Currently we are seeking two Directors – one is a two year term, one is a three year term. The job description for Directors is simply this: “attending meetings and to support the work of the executive board in the scope of their particular talents or strengths.” Examples of things that you’d help with as a Director are the annual Christmas party, hospitality for monthly meetings, hospitality at Conference, and new member meetings. As President, I can find tasks for you that will suit the time you have, and your interests. And the best part? You’ll earn credits toward your NHPPA degree! Please contact me at any time for more details on becoming a Director and I’ll be happy to help!

The other position we have available is Secretary. Lauri West has done a phenomenal job at this for many years now and has always gone way above and beyond for the association, but getting back to basics, the job description is this: “The Secretary shall keep an accurate account of the minutes of all meetings and fulfill all secretarial assignments delegated by the President or required by the office”. If you are an organized person, and would like to be on the Board and help us further shape the association, Lauri has offered to work with the new Secretary until they are up to speed. Please reach out to me if you think you might be interested in this position, which will earn you credits as well.

Thank you for reading; I hope to see you on January 7th, and I hope you have a wonderful and prosperous year!

Your President,
Tanya Hervey, A.C.Ph.

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