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Start with Learning the Basics in 2019!
Beginner Photography Class

Beginner Photography
Learning the Fundamentals
Offered monthly in Melrose, Hanover, Holyoke, MA
Manchester, NH, South Portland, ME & Providence, RI locations

This is the essential class for anyone looking to take that first giant step into the world of photography! Our patient and entertaining instructors will cover all the basics in this hands-on class. Any camera with manual controls will work!

Our two guarantees:

You will learn a lot!

You will have a fun time doing it!
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Beginner and Beyond Basics Classes
Image from Fine-Tuning Exposure- offered in Melrose Tue Jan 15th • in Providence Thurs March 14th

Classes that go Beyond the Basics

•Beyond the Basics: Fine-Tuning Exposure- Offered in Providence & Melrose
•Get Organized! File Management 101- Hunt's Photo, Melrose
•Beyond the Basics- Filters: When, How, and Why To Use Them- Hunt's Photo, Melrose
•Beyond the Basics: Composition in Photography- Hunt's Photo, Melrose
•Beyond the Basics- Low Light & Night Photography- Hunt's Photo, Melrose
•Intro to Landscape Photography- Offered in Providence & Melrose
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Get hands-on and out photographing!
Hunt's Photo Walks
left to right: Sports & Action- College Hockey; The Flume & Ice Climbing; Museum of Fine Arts Boston; Lowell Boott Cotton Mills

Hunt's Photo Walks, January 2019

The best way to learn about photography is through hands-on learning. Our Hunt's Photo Walks will challenge you to create better imagery with our patient and personable instructors as your personal photography coaches!

•Sports & Action- College Hockey- Fri, Jan 11th, 6-10pm
•Hunt's Portrait Walk: Portrait Lighting Bootcamp- Sat, Jan 12th, 9am-5pm
•The Flume & Ice Climbing- Sat, Jan 19th, 9am-3pm
•Museum of Fine Arts, Boston- Fri, Jan 25th, 6-10pm
•Lowell Boott Cotton Mills- Sat, Jan 26th, 12-4pm
•Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation- Fri, Feb 1st, 11am-3pm
•Capture to Print: Flowers & Macro- Sat, Feb 2nd, 9am-5pm
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Hunt's Photo Adventure Vermont in Winter

Hunt's Photo Adventure: Vermont in Winter
February Thursday 7th - Sunday 10th 2019

Red barns, covered bridges, rolling landscapes, and abstract formations of ice make Vermont appealing even during winter. On this workshop, we will capture the winter in a classic New England environment...more info

Our Featured Editing Class
FBeginner Photography Class

Adobe Lightroom Basics
Organizing and Processing
Offered monthly in Melrose, South Portland, ME & Providence, RI locations
Also in Manchester, NH

Adobe Lightroom is one of the premiere photographic programs, excellent for both organizing photographs and for post-processing techniques. It's a robust program with many far-reaching capabilities. Join us for this survey course to get started in editing! Click here for more info.

Editing & Printing Classes
Image from Lightroom to Photoshop & Back Again- offered in Melrose, Sun Jan 6th & Sun Feb 17th • in Providence Sun March 31st

More Editing & Printing Courses

•Lightroom to Photoshop & Back Again- Offered in Providence & Melrose
•Shooting & Editing in Black & White- Offered in Providence & Melrose
•Lightroom Editing for Landscapes- Hunt's Photo, Melrose
•Basic Digital Printing- Offered in S. Portland, Manchester & Melrose
•Lightroom- Brushes, Masks & Other Local Adjustments- Hunt's Photo, Melrose
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Our Featured Lighting Class
Portrait Lighting Bootcamp

Hunt's Photo Workshop: Portrait Lighting Bootcamp
Saturday January 12th, 9am-5pm
Hunt's Photo, Melrose

Lighting can be intimidating, whether using a speedlight on camera (or off) or a studio strobe. Our goal in this workshop is to get each attendee more comfortable with the basics of lighting, demonstrate how and why to set up lights in certain ways, and how to create stunning portraits with these lights. Click here for more info.
Flash & Lighting Courses
Image from Real People Portraits, with Bobbi Lane & Lee Varis, Feb 9th & 10th

More Flash & Lighting Courses

•Lighting with Speedlights- Basics of On-Camera Flash- Hunt's Photo, Melrose
•Hunt's Portrait Walk: Portrait Lighting Bootcamp- Hunt's Photo, Melrose
•Lighting with Speedlights: One-Light Portraits- Hunt's Photo, S. Portland
•Real People Portraits with Bobbi Lane & Lee Varis- Hunt's Photo, Melrose
•Lighting for Headshots- Hunt's Photo, Melrose
See All Lighting Classes Here
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We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!
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