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A Message From the NHPPA President

May 11, 2020

As our understanding of the COVID-19 situation continues to develop and local, state, and federal decision-makers adjust their requirements in the face of changing conditions, the NHPPA Board met last evening to discuss plans for our upcoming events.

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL DISCOUNT – The Board of Directors would like to thank NHPPA members for supporting the Association through the Coronavirus situation. It has certainly had an impact on us all. As an expression of understanding and gratitude to our members, we are extending a 25% discount on membership renewals. The discount code to enter when you renew online is COVID19-2020. Be sure to renew by May 31 to be eligible for scholarships! 

For any questions about membership, please contact Membership Chair Roland Lemire at Thank you for being an NHPPA member!

JUNE MEETING – The June meeting will be held online via Zoom on Wednesday, June 3, starting at 6:30pm.The topic is "Emerging from a National Emergency," presented by Trish Logan, M.Photog.Cr.  Mark your calendar and register online today.

SCHOLARSHIPS – The Board of Directors recently approved 10 General Scholarships in the amount of $450 each to be awarded in the new fiscal year which begins on June 1. Drawing date and details to be determined. Refer to the scholarship requirements document for more details. Remember, you must renew your membership by May 31 to be eligible. For questions about scholarship, contact Jill Kyle at

NOTE: Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the Board voted not to award any Sullivan-Raiche scholarships for 2020-21 and instead utilized those funds to increase the number of General Scholarships available to the membership. Any individuals who would have been eligible for a Sullivan-Raiche will automatically be eligible for a General Scholarship.

IMAGE COMPETITION – The NHPPA Image Competition Committee, with the Board's approval, decided to delay the 2020 Image Competition to the fall. This decision was made in order to allow the current COVID-19 crisis time to abate. In addition, the committee did not wish to put any additional stress on our members at a time when so many of us are struggling with our businesses and our finances.

The current tentative plan is to hold the competition on September 12-13 so our members would still be able to get feedback on their images and make needed tweaks and enter their final images into PPA's International Photographic Competition. Competition Chair John Malboeuf is working with our judges to bring them to New Hampshire for that weekend. Currently, we do not plan on having a member audience for the competition, but rather members can watch it livestreamed through The committee and the Board felt this was the best option to maintain the high level of quality our members have come to expect from the image competition and at the same time ensure the safety of our judges and our members. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the image competition, please contact John Malboeuf at (603) 930-0329 or

There still remain many questions to be answered, and we will continue to organize and communicate in the days ahead. It is our great hope that in the coming weeks much of the uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic will be resolved; safe and reasonable ways to come together will be possible, and we will move forward with the rest of our plans for the upcoming months. So, caution and confidence are the order of these days as we move ahead.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me at These are indeed difficult times, but we are all here for one another!  

Your President,
Tanya Hervey, A.C.Ph.

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