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A Message From the NHPPA President

April 23, 2021

As I pen my last President’s message to my fellow NHPPA members and any audience beyond, I am tempted to lead in with all-things Covid, Instead, I’ve chosen to not let Covid-19 take the limelight of this message, as it has taken so much from so many over the last year. Future readers of this publication can research on their own the virus that put our lives on pause for a time, and it is my hope that by then it will be a distant memory and we will have conquered it globally once and for all. Please take a moment to pause and reflect on those that we’ve loved and lost recently, but who we will always remember and who will always be in our hearts. I am very grateful to have had the honor of serving two consecutive terms as President for the New Hampshire Professional Photographers Association.

I joined the association in 2014 and after feeling so welcomed by everyone I met, I knew right away that I wanted to get more involved. As I learned from the amazing speakers, workshops, and image competition, and as my work improved as a result, I felt I wanted to give back in any way I could so I joined a committee, then the Board of Directors, and I know now that holding a position is not only a win-win for the member and the association, it is essential and is the lifeblood of our great organization. There are many moving parts behind the scenes at the NHPPA; there are lots of ongoing tasks and jobs to do - all volunteer - but they are rewarding and often very fun.

My wish going forward is that more of our members will sit in on a board meeting (which now are all done via Zoom) to get a glimpse of how dedicated and amazing our team is. That they will talk with a board or committee member to see if there’s something that may be a good fit for them so they can give back too (and earn credits toward their degree as well!) We have many long-time members, and we have some new ones coming in and out. Now that I have served as President, I wish I could convey what an excellent experience it has been, and it’s not as daunting as you would think, when you have the support of a dedicated Board. Even if you don’t aspire to ever be President, take a moment to check out the committees who can always use your help. I want to thank the following people who stand out in my mind the most as I write this, but please know that I am thankful for each and every NHPPA member, past and present. To incoming President Chris Keeley - thank you for stepping up to work your way to President - with two little ones at home and being a new member at the time, I applaud you and I wish you a very successful year ahead!

Lauri West, thank you for all of your years of hard work and dedication - you set the bar very high! Jean Wozniak, thank you for all of your help these past two years and for everything you do for the NHPPA. Madonna Lovett-Repeta, thank you for being a friendly face during those first meetings when I didn’t know anyone. Jean Camire, thank you so much for all that you do as Controller. Thank you Tim Cameron, for always sharing your expertise and insight. Ray Peeples, thank you for keeping the website going with our myriad requests. Roland Lemire - thank you for knowing even before I did that I would be President and for encouraging me to do so, and for all of your hard work as Membership Chair while handling a demanding day job. Candace Pratt Stiteler, thank you for your help the past two years and for all you do! Dennis Spaziano, thank you for jumping into the Publicity position at the busiest possible time. To the rest of the “OFC” members (you know who you are!) - thank you for sharing your years of experience and expertise that has helped form the NHPPA over time.

To all of the Board members and committee members, thank you for your time and diligence keeping the association running smoothly. To all of our members, thank you for being an NHPPA member - you are appreciated! To Ken Wilson, American Color Imaging (aci), and Hunt’s - thank you for your support of the NHPPA. To all of our 2021 Conference speakers and judges, and to PPA President Mary Fisk-Taylor - thank you for being a part of our Conference! To John Malbouef, thank you for transitioning Image Competition from in-person to virtual last year, and to Allison McGrail and Tracy Phillips - thank you for stepping up to do Image Competition this year. And thank you Alison Miniter and Saralyn Carlen for your graphic design expertise.

And last but certainly not least, thank you to my husband Steve and my son Evan for their support over the last two years.

With Much Affection,

Tanya Hervey

NHPPA President 2019/2020 - 2020/2021

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